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This is where innovation meets inclusivity to reshape the landscape of finance, banking, payments, and beyond.

Transforming Aspirations into Reality

We are a global fintech company. At Clavis Fintech, we imagine a world where one's aspirations are not confined by their location or social status but are magnified by the appropriate opportunities, no matter where they arise from.

Creating an Inclusive Financial Future

We are building a future where everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, can access the financial tools needed to thrive.

Remittance as a service

Card programs

Digital bank

Digital wallets


Digital saving


Decentralized Finance

Our diverse portfolio of innovative financial solutions embodies our commitment to creating an inclusive financial ecosystem

We are actively engaged in the global fintech ecosystem with memberships in industry bodies, associations, and forums

*Memberships in various Industry bodies and associations are related to Clavis Fintech’s founder individually and/or its sister concerns in Canada, USA, UK, EU, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

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